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Soundproofing New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC

Soundproofing New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC

Soundproofing New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC Soundproofing New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC
How to Soundproof a Room, Acoustic Panels, New York Soundproofing, Sound Absorbing Panels, Brooklyn

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How To Soundproof A Room, Sound Deadening Insulation, New York Soundproofing Contractor, Brooklyn

New York City is a noisy place to be, if you're looking for a contractor to soundproof a ceiling, wall, floor or entire apartment, we can help find an optimal treatment catered to your goals. We work with both residential and commercial clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan and surrounding boroughs, everything from noisy neighbors, recording studios, restaurant/bars to acoustics for conference rooms


Sound Deadening Material, Acoustic Panels, Ceiling Soundproofing, Sound Proof Insulation, Green Glue

Speech Intelligibility is a major concern in a Manhattan office setting. Increasing the articulation index with Acoustic Panels can be a game changer when it comes to conference calls or important meetings. If your goal is to reduce echo and reflection, we offer many different styles of sound deadening / sound absorbing panels, diffusers, soundproof foam and bass traps. 

Soundproof panels can morph your white walls into a professionally tuned room that achieves your speech clarity goals for acoustics. Sound Deadening Acoustic Panels can also creates a clean, professional look for your room aesthetically. 


Sound Deadening, Soundproof Ceiling, New York Soundproofing Contractor, how to soundproof a room,

Painting is an important part of our business. After we soundproof a room, we encase the ceiling or wall treatment with a gallery level 5 skim-coat to smooth out the wall without sign of repair. This acts as an initial primer for the wall. We finish with 2 coats of high quality paint with primer. Attention to detail is guaranteed. 


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